About us

Agriculture has been steered piecemeal by various lobbies, post-World War II. First, food productivity, then invested welfare, then protection of water, improving biodiversity, reduction of waste materials (e.g. plastic), pesticide exposure and, more recently, atmospheric protection.

Catering for all these disparate views has taken its toll on the mental health of growers, as well as impacting their businesses. Add to this the different requirements of the food presented on a supermarket shelf to those standards required by UK farming and it’s hard to remain focussed on profitable food production.

Agri-Elemental Ltd is a consultancy formed to both improve the efficiency of crop production and to protect the environment on large-scale commercial farmland, via the use of NPK-MAX. Its focus is to look at all the disparate views of the various lobbies and form a profitable way forwards for UK growers, removing or minimising environmental impacts and wherever possible improving biodiversity.

NPK-MAX was first developed some 12 years ago. At the time, farmers who had land in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) were being encouraged by government to use a particular software. However, back then there was a reluctance to do so.

NPK-MAX was developed in response to the need for an alternative option. It:

  • Combined both nutrient management and manure management plans;
  • Demonstrated its conclusions in an easy to understand summary that could quickly be examined and approved by any inspector; and
  • Guided and informed the grower.

It would also need to cater easily and quickly to common crops, such as grassland.

Dissatisfied with the options available at the time and unable to find a suitably productive and, more importantly, user friendly alternative that placed:

  • Crop nutrition as its heart;
  • Included organic and inorganic sources of nutrition; and
  • Involved the whole farm, and included organic and inorganic sources of nutrition,

Phil Edwards, an agronomist with over 30 years’ experience, set about creating something new that fulfilled these requirements, while removing the need for duplication of effort on farm.

The aim was to produce an all-inclusive and less fragmented approach to crop production, utilising all the livestock and all the land on farm, including Ecological Focus Areas.

Fast-forward to January 2018 and Agri-Elemental Ltd was formed by Dr Carolyn Hysted, an environmental consultant, established primarily as a platform to promote NPK-MAX. Since then NPK-MAX has significantly increased its client base and passed on-farm inspections by the Environment Agency (EA), the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), Wessex Water and the various Red Tractor Schemes.

Growers are now required by legislation to produce manure management and nutrient management plans. Some have cynically chosen to complete their plans simply as a box ticking exercise however the target for Agri-Elemental Ltd has been to develop a dialogue with clients, demonstrating that good planning produces profitable results for the business and benefits to the environment.