"There is ever increasing pressure on farmers and land managers to demonstrate thorough nutrient management planning... NPK-MAX has had great reviews."
Tim Stephens, Catchment Delivery Manager, Wessex Water.

NPK-MAX is a low cost Crop Nutrition
& Compliance Tool that does the hard work for you!

Agri-Elemental Ltd has developed a mass balance calculator called NPK-MAX that accounts for the crop nutrition elements available to the grower. It creates and records plans for these elements, and demonstrates areas of loss to be improved upon in the future.

It has been designed to improve the efficiency of crop production while maintaining environmental protection. It ensures farm compliance with many areas of the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015 and The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018. It also meets the recent obligation for all members of Red Tractor Schemes to create and record the details of crop nutrition and manure management plans where appropriate.

NPK-MAX achieves compliance by utilising the contents of the RB209 Nutrient Management Guide, to form a bespoke crop nutrition and manure management plan in a single report.


NPK-MAX places client engagement at the heart of the product, improving crop production efficiency by maximising the availability of expensive nutritional elements, either manufactured or organic, purchased or produced, including, but not limited to, livestock manures, biosolids, digestate, compost, paper pulp, and crop residue. It contributes to environmental protection by maximising elemental crop absorption and minimising losses either as harmful global warming gases such as ammonia or nitrous oxide, or as leachate into watercourses, reducing the potential for eutrophication of water. It also promotes growers’ education and autonomy by engaging them in the process of deciding which materials are best used, when they’re used, where they’re used, and the best method of application.

Growers save money through greater elemental utilisation, ultimately reducing cost and improving profitability.

NPK-MAX is the preferred method of crop nutrition management on a number farms across the UK, comprising several thousand hectares of agricultural land (both on conventional and organic farms).

Crop Management Plan Compliant

NPK-MAX crop nutrition plans have passed inspection by the EA, RPA, and Red Tractor Schemes.

Whole Farm Enterprise Accountability

Agri-Elemental Ltd charges less than the cost of two tonnes of nitrogen to create crop nutrition and manure management plans for your whole farm.

Farm Efficient Record Keeping

NPK-MAX provides clients with a book to record entries of application and yield, to prevent fumbling with a diary when the inspector arrives.

Wide Range of Cropping Catered

NPK-MAX can easily integrate grassland and arable crops as well as vegetable crops, offering market leading flexibility.

About Agri-Elemental

Agri-Elemental Ltd is a consultancy formed to both improve the efficiency of crop production and to protect the environment on large-scale commercial farmland, via the use of NPK-MAX. Its focus is to look at all the disparate views of the various lobbies and form a profitable way forwards for UK growers, removing or minimising environmental impacts and wherever possible improving biodiversity.


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